Non-Profit seeks help to build tiny home for energy education

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Tucked away just off Research Park, a non-profit, Nexus Energy, tries to help folks with power bills.

Nexus Energy Spokesperson Anne-Marie Whatley points out, “Some people have energy bills that are the same price as a mortgage payment, which is kind of ridiculous. So we want to try to help even the playing field a little bit.”

They examine homes for places energy may leak out.

They’re raising funds for a new gadget to tell that story – a tiny house.

Whatley notes, “Tiny homes are kind of popping up everywhere. A lot of them are in more urban areas, like in New York, just because the cost of living is so expensive.”

It’s true, tiny homes have become quite the trend, but Whatley says Nexus Energy isn’t about spreading that gospel, “We don’t want people to move into tiny homes. I know personally, I would not be able to live in a tiny home.”

They want to raise money to build the plans given to them by Tumbleweed Tiny House company to show people the impact of different energy-efficient systems.

With a tiny home, they could take that knowledge with them wherever they go and share it with the world.

Whatley says those lessons are valuable, “On average, people who go through our Alabama WISE program save 20% on their energy bill or more.”

You can help Nexus Energy spread the word about the big savings that go with energy efficiency by contributing to their tiny home here.