‘Insta-grams’ via Instagram? Drug prevention advocate weighs in

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Grams through Instagram? Parents, you may think the photo-sharing app is for harmless selfies, but listen up. We found public Instagram profiles dedicated to the sale of illegal drugs.

They all advertise discrete, quick, easy delivery. WHNT News 19 decided to take action to inform you about 'Insta-drug' sales.
The Instagram account @DrugPlug540 had a blatant message for law enforcement in the bio of it's drug-pushing account (Photo: WHNT)

The Instagram account @DrugPlug540 had a blatant message for law enforcement in the bio of it's drug-pushing account (Photo: WHNT)

@DrugPlug540, @Mr. Molly, @1687Trapaholic; we found dozens of drug-related Instagram profiles which advertise quality product from Molly to marijuana shipped quick. One profile pulled no punches about what they think of law enforcement, and another profile even listed a number to call for inquiries.

We called the Dallas-based number to investigate but only got an automated answering service.
Instagram community guidelines say if you are reported for sharing prohibited or illegal content, your account may be disabled and they'll take appropriate action, which may include reporting you to the authorities.
We found it hard to believe our eyes, but the Director of Huntsville's Partnership for a Drug-Free Community says nothing surprises her when it comes to the drug scene.
"You really need to understand that with the internet, our kids are very vulnerable because you can buy anything you want on the internet, you can buy drugs on the internet," says Deborah Soule.
Soule says parents should never get lulled into a false sense of security -- even with seemingly 'harmless' photo-sharing smart phone apps.
"I urge parents to please look at your kids' computer, please see what they're doing."
After 3 consecutive daily attempts to contact Instagram to ask them how these profiles can even exists, we have yet to hear back from the company. In the meantime we've taken action by personally reporting and flagging every drug-related account we could find -- Maybe that will get Instagram's attention.
Instagram's regulations say they don't support using the app for buying and selling goods or services. 3 local law enforcement agencies told us they were unaware of such illegal activity happening on Instagram. WHNT News 19 will continue to monitor this situation and will bring you an update as soon as we have it.