Franklin County woman charged with abuse, torture of child

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A 26-year-old Red Bay woman has been charged with scratching and bruising her 5-year-old step-daughter.

Ashley Michelle Thompson (Photo: Red Bay Police Dept.)

Ashley Michelle Thompson (Photo: Red Bay Police Dept.)

According to authorities, Ashley Michelle Thompson is charged with child abuse — torture/willful abuse of a child.

A healthcare worker called Red Bay Police when the child was seen at a hospital with bruises covering her body.

The Department of Human Resources has placed the child in a protective home.

Thompson is free from jail after posting a $5,000 bond.


  • mamac

    What are people thinking of when they STRIKE a INNOCENT CHILD? This baby had bruises all over.Where is the daddy and mama? Someone had to see this..Lord Jesus, if this was my child and my ex’s girlfriend or wife did this to my child.. Lord God, himself better take a hold of me.It takes a sick sick person to harm a child. A innocent loving child one who TRUST you to take care of them feed them cloth them help them in ever way..Our world is getting in bad shape…

    • Red

      Unless you know more than what was reported, it might be wise to not make anymore assumptions if you can manage it.

  • mamac

    Well I raised 3 boys and NEVER did they have bruises COVERING there body. NEVER! Yes, they had a bruise here and there and did fall and wreck on dirt bikes at the age of 5. But even then NO BRUISES ALL over them. But she can always get on the news and tell her side News channel 19 would love the interview….Cause there is always 2 sides to every story.

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