Excitement abounds as crews work to finish Madison’s new Pre-K center

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - The new school year begins Tuesday, August 5th for many students and there's a nervous, yet excited, feeling in the air in Madison.

Crews are trying to finish up with the city's Pre-K Center and there's a lot left to do.  In fact, there's one thing that not be ready for the first day of school.

Tile by tile, workers are getting the building at Nance Road ready for about 120  4-year-olds who will be there August 5th.

"Oh, it's so exciting," said Dr. Dee Fowler, Madison School Superintendent.

The principal of the school agrees it's exciting but also a little scary.

"The sprinkler system may not be installed yet," said Dorinda White, the principal of the new Pre-K Center and also Rainbow Elementary School, right next door. "We're going to have an off-duty fireman here on the premises all day long to make sure everything's safe."

"We had to change out a transformer," added Fowler.  "Get a new transformer, new electrical service."

Crews have moved in classroom furniture for the 14 teachers who will help the children learn things that will serve them for life on Monday.

"It's developing that love for learning," said White.  "So, it's a lot of discovery learning.  It's social-emotional.  It's really getting them to understand how to work with others."

White explained each of the seven classrooms will have two teachers.

One of the unique advantages of the building is the collaboration that can go on there.  The teachers will all be under the same roof to meet together and work together with new ideas that make things even better for the students.

White is already excited for the adventures set up outside.

"We have a water playground out there, which we're excited about," she said.  "We can have water days.  We have a built-in sprinkler system in that one.  We have a playground with a tricycle track already built out there, so that's going to be an exciting adventure.  Of course, we have the traditional playground with swings a and stuff."

The cafeteria will not be ready, so the staff plans to arrange sack lunches to be brought in or to bus the kids to Rainbow Elementary next door to enjoy lunch and an extra little adventure.

"It just fills you with excitement," said Fowler.

Two of the classroom are Head Start classes moving over from Rainbow Elementary School.

The school will also have new security doors.  Parents and visitors can get to the lobby, but not further without identification and clearance.