Cameras now in Huntsville skate park after shooting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) - When shots rang out at a park on a Sunday evening, the City of Huntsville was put on high alert. The city council immediately wanted to increase security at Lydia Gold Skatepark.

Now, the city is trying to make good on its word to keep Huntsville kids safe -- by keeping an extra   eye on what happens in the area. They're looking forward to lights, camera... and hopefully... no action.

Be sure to say 'cheese' next time you are near Huntsville's skate park and dog park.  Say hello to the police-monitored cameras in the area.

"In the aftermath of what had happened, we wanted to make sure the park stayed safe," said Huntsville councilman Bill Kling. On June 8,  police say an altercation between a father and a photographer led to gunshots at the skate park in broad daylight.

"We did get permission from the Department of Transportation to put a camera up," said Kling. The property is underneath an overpass, and therefore, under DOT control. Now that they've agreed on the added surveillance, the city has high hopes.

"As the word gets out that there is security out there, more residents will come out and enjoy the facilities and people looking to make trouble will catch on that this is not a good place to be because of video surveillance and also police presence," said Kling.

Since the shooting, Huntsville police have already upped patrol in the area and now will be keep an extra hi-tech eye on the happenings in the park.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    As long as everyone understands these cameras are NOT LIVE CAMS, rather these are “deer cam’s” which take pictures for later review…so these is NO real time video surveillance as in the traffic cams!

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