WATCH LIVE: Sen. Marco Rubio to speak at public rally in Guntersville Lightning frequency across the U.S.

A rare lightning strike in coastal California killed one person and injured several others over the weekend. The map below shows the frequency of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the U.S. between 1997 and 2010. The west coast of the U.S. sees significantly lightning strikes than anywhere else in the country.

Sourece: Vaisla National Lightning Detection Network

Sourece: Vaisala National Lightning Detection Network

Lightning strikes are most numerous in the Southeast, particularly in Florida, and coastal Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Source: Vaisala National Lightning Detection Network

Source: Vaisala National Lightning Detection Network

Last week, three people were struck and one killed on a Fort Myers, Florida beach. To date, there have been 16 lightning fatalities in the U.S.

Source: National Weather Service

Source: National Weather Service

-Jake Reed


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