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Huntsville Police investigate shooting, man hospitalized

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Police Officers are investigating a shooting that happened on Seminole Drive and Vernon Avenue Saturday afternoon.

"I heard at least six or seven shots go off and so I didn't see who or what was doing the shooting or who even got shot," Resident Wilma Latimore says.

Police cars were scattered throughout the area in front of her home near Seminole Drive and Vernon Avenue Saturday afternoon.

Officers worked to process the scene, which is near the L.R Patton Apartment complex. That residential neighborhood is a Huntsville Housing Authority development.

This scene wasn't the only one Huntsville Police had responded to. "Around one o'clock this afternoon Huntsville Police received a call about a shooting victim on Clinton Avenue in front of the post office," Sergeant Marc Moon says.

Police had a section of the road blocked off while they worked to find out what happened."The victim drove from Seminole Drive all the way down Clinton," Sergeant Moon says.


Shooting leads police to Clinton Avenue (Photo: WHNT's Laura Christmas)

Sergeant Moon says the 20-year-old man hit a building, and then came to a stop in the middle of Clinton Avenue in front of the Post Office.

The vehicle the victim was in is shot multiple times in the driver's side door, and at least once in the windshield. Investigators say the victim was in the vehicle when he was shot. "The victim suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound and he's in Huntsville hospital being treated at this time," Sergeant Moon says.

The victim's name isn't being released yet. We learned he was undergoing surgery, and there is no word yet on his condition.

A witness called WHNT News 19 to say that he heard multiple shots fired. He estimated he heard somewhere around 12 different shots. He says he then saw two males running away from the scene.

Police say they don't know what prompted the shooting just yet. They are still looking for the person responsible.

We will update this story as more details become available.


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