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Trend Alert: High-end pet hotels for dogs

Photo Courtesy: CNN

Photo Courtesy: CNN

(CNN) — High-end, exclusive pet boarding can be found almost anywhere.

The american pet products association estimates owners will spend 4.73 billion on boarding and grooming this year alone. So what makes posh pet hotels so special?

Luxury dog hotels feature hotel rooms, pools, fitness equipment and anything for a little bit of puppy R&R.

Some feature flat screen tv’s, raised bedding, watercoolers, window views. Even a personal webcam so mom and dad can check in.

Pet hotels can vary in price from $38 up to $200 a night depending on the size and amenities.

On vacation relaxing is key. So, some dogs even get treated to room service.

When dogs have bad hair days on their vacation, they can get special spa treatments.

Blueberry facials, pawdicures, and even highlights!

Ultimately, pet owners want a safe place to leave their pet. They want to make sure they’re happy, fed, and walked.

For some lucky dogs, there’s no limit on what their owner will spend.

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