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Alabama teen takes smiling Auschwitz selfie

From: @PrincessBMM

From: @PrincessBMM

Alabama (WHNT) – An Alabama teen is under attack after posting to Twitter a smiling selfie with a smiley emoticon from the Auschwitz concentration camp.

That’s according to our news partners

Breanna Mitchell, an 18-year-old from Roanoke, Ala., had planned a trip to Poland with her father, but just before her senior year at Handley High School he died of a heart attack.

Mitchell took the trip in memory of her father, and took a selfie at Auschwitz. The tweet is a selfie of Mitchell smiling at the camp, and includes a smiley face icon.

That selfie at the Auschwitz concentration camp resulted in a social media uproar.

Mitchell said a week after she tweeted the selfie, a girl tweeted her asking how she could post something like that. Two weeks later, Mitchell said she was bombarded with notifications on her social media accounts.

“There were death threats. Somebody told me he would come over and poison me,” Mitchell said. But she also said some people “were considerate of me and have been taking up for me.”

When asked if she has contacted law enforcement about the threats, Mitchell said the comments don’t bother her.

She said she has always been interested in the Holocaust and it was a topic she often discussed with her dad.


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