UPDATE: Two Morgan County teens found, both safe

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Left: Three recent pictures of Tatyana Ogleton. R: Dakota Kennedy.

Left: Three recent pictures of Tatyana Ogleton. R: Dakota Kennedy.

SOMERVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office says two runaway teenagers have been found. Tatyana Nicole Ogleton and Dakota Kennedy are both safe and back with their families.

The two were found at Taco Bell in Arab on Friday. Arab Police got a call the teens were there and responded, confirmed the identity of the two, then stayed until Morgan County investigators arrived to take the minor into custody.

Ogleton and Kennedy had been missing since early Thursday morning.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin thanked citizens for staying alert in Morgan and Marshall counties and reporting tips on seeing the two teenagers.


  • Leigh Andra

    I seen theses teen today walking behind cvs in Arab al around 12 pm the boy was carring a tent and they both had backpacks they were walking south. Down Main Street

  • Rashada G. (@RottenRashada)

    my grandma had a decent sized family started by this age. Quit being big cry babies society. Let them go off on their stupid camping trip. They’ll get hungry and return home for some chef boyardee soon enough

    uh oh the young man is a Kennedy. He will get away with anything. Chappaquiddick?

  • Nuclear Mike

    …and when my great-uncle ran off to join the hobo train riding adventurers of his day he came home after being gone for 2 years and never left the farm ever again…

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