“Wow Cup” Debatable

The Wow Cup is a drinking cup that uses suction around the edges to form a seal so the cup won’t leak.

The “cover” for the Wow Cup has to be screwed in to the top of the cup. The Wow Cup tops we had were not smooth fits. But we got them to work.

The theory is that kids suck on the edge, like a straw, and then drink, what is in the cup.

"Wow Cup"

"Wow Cup"

Cutting straight to the heart of the matter, if your child can use a straw, the Wow Cup won’t be an issue. But if your child can’t use a straw, or is too young to understand how to use a straw, the Wow Cup won’t work very well, if it all.

The cups seem a little expensive to me. If you get them in stores, they can cost $9.99.

Our rating is “Debatable” for the Wow Cups.

Sometimes we get some grief for a “Debatable” rating. But the age of your child and his ability to understand a straw will make this a good deal, or not, for you.

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