Have you seen more snakes this summer? (See your photos)

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – Have you seen a snake in your lawn this summer? Maybe you’ve seen a few.

There seem to be more snakes this year than in past years.  We’ve seen several pictures on social media recently and we bet you have as well.

WHNT News 19 talked with Chris Jones, a local snake enthusiast in Albertville.  He said the main reason people are seeing more is because of the rain we've had.  There is more vegetation, and more rodents eating the vegetation.  Jones said where there are rodents, there are also snakes.

You may have heard the old wives' tale that a cold winter means fewer snakes.  Jones said he's never found that to be true. He said snakes hibernate so well it would take a winter beyond what we've experienced here to kill off snakes like that.

Do you have a picture of a snake you saw recently? Share it with us.  Click the 'Submit Your Photo' button to add it to this gallery - we'll check for new additions and approve them.  Or, email the picture to photo@whnt.com.  Please include your name and location where you saw the snake.


  • Steve

    That is definitely NOT a copperhead in the second picture. If the head was in the picture, that fact would be obvious to everyone.

  • Say What

    That is not an increase in snakes — it was the Republican primaries! Bringing them all together at the polling places made them seem like more!

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