Wedding rings found attached to balloons

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Balloons found in a field in Marion County had wedding rings tied to them.

A mystery involving wedding rings and a pair of balloons has apparently been solved.

A teenager in the northwest Alabama town of Winfield found a pair of rings attached to two deflated balloons that landed in his yard on July 6.

Now, a Tuscaloosa County woman says the rings were hers.

Caley Burkett tells WBRC-TV that she wanted to get rid of the rings from a failed marriage. So she and her current fiance attached the rings to balloons and released them from their home in Brookwood.

The rings were found about 75 miles away and became the subject of news stories, prompting Burkett to come forward.

Burkett says she never expected to hear anything about the rings again, and she doesn’t want them back.


  • Caroline

    Regarding the wedding ring balloon story:
    I buried my ex’s wedding ring in the flower bed of our house that I had sold after the divorce. He never wore it anyway!

    • Bill B.

      My wife and I put our old wedding rings in a mason jar and threw them into the Tenn.River across from Ditto Landing, this was back in 2002. Don’t know if anyone ever found them.

  • kld

    I would have taken them to the gold buyer and used the proceeds to finance a cool date night with my new love.

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