Superintendent-elect Massey will continue teaching until taking over new job

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)-- Matt Massey confirmed Tuesday he will head back into the classroom as a teacher until taking over his new job as superintendent in January.

Massey was elected in a landslide primary runoff earlier this month. He will be the youngest superintendent ever to hold the office in the district.

"Just going to try to use this time to familiarize myself with the inner workings and to be prepared as possible before January first," Massey said Tuesday while sitting in on the board of education meeting.

Massey will teach math at Buckhorn High School until January, but it is unclear what will happen to that job once he leaves for the central office.

Massey says the process of getting paperwork going has already begun, but switching over the entire superintendent's office is not an easy task.

"It is not something that is just going to happen in a day or two it is going to be a long-term process, but whenever we can get that started the better," Massey added.


  • Christopher

    If he does not know what will happen to his job, then maybe he should not be the superintendent. There is a practice calling hiring someone to replace you when you leave for another job…

    • Joe

      I’m guessing that maybe you don’t comprehend this very well. He does not get to make the decision on what happens to his job. He doesn’t take office until January. He has no say so in the matter.

      He won 74% of the vote. I’m pretty sure that’s called a landslide. The community spoke loudly and they decided who should lead the school system. That’s Matt Massey.

      I would be upset if my candidate only won 26% and lost his side of the county even with the support of the Monrovia Mafia.

      • Christopher

        Apparently you do not understand what I wrote. I did not say that he had to hire someone, but someone will. Are we to assume that his classroom will be unattended for the second semester since he is leaving the after Christmas? That is the way the writer of this article portrays him, as if he does not know what will happen when he becomes superintendent. Your statistics are an absurd response to what I wrote, considering that I do not even live in Madison County and could care less who the superintendent is. However, I do find it strange if he really does not know what will happen to his job. It should be obvious that someone will have to hire a replacement.

      • Tim

        The Monrovia Mafia did not want the other candidate in the office, he is at Sparkman Middle which the “Mafia” has no interest in, the parents in that area just wanted him out as principal .

  • Nancie Jones

    The hiring of another math teacher depends upon how many students are scheduled for math classes in the second semester. Buckhorn could have a schedule with all math options offered in the first semester.

    • Christopher

      Yes, that is true, but are we then also to assume that had he not been elected as superintendent that he would also have had no job after Christmas?

  • Jonny

    Buckhorn will not have to worry about having an empty classroom considering that Massey does not even have a classroom. They have multiple teachers, massey included, who “float” from classroom to classroom because there simply isn’t enough room. The only thing they will have to worry about is who will become the new AP calculus teacher. There are plenty of math teachers at Buckhorn that are more than certified to teach calculus especially at the AP level.

    • Christopher

      Make that more than qualified, not “more than certified.” A person cannot be more than certified. They are either certified to teach or are not certified to teach…

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