Stop Sign Doesn’t Work At Huntsville Intersection

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Moores Mill Road in Huntsville and Madison County is busy. For much of its length it's a narrow, hilly, two lane road.  It also has a particularly dicey intersection.  Where Baltimore Hill Road tees in to Moore's Mill, there's a problem. "It's a dangerous intersection...people speeding, running the stop sign...blind corner," says Ron Rudd.

Like many people who live in the area around the intersection, Ron says it's a wreck magnet. "Constantly, especially people who are unfamiliar with the curve here," says Ron.  On the curve of Moores Mill, as it meets Baltimore Hill, there's a stop sign.  But just below the stop sign is another sign that tells drivers to turn right without stopping.  That's an indicator of just how sharp the curve to the right on Moores Mill really is.

The stop sign is actually intended for drivers turning left onto Baltimore Hill.  Those drivers have a turn lane, and the stop sign should make things safer. I asked Ron Rudd if left-turning drivers stop like they're supposed to? "No, nobody stops," says Ron.

It's questionable if drivers in the turn lane actually notice the stop sign since it's so far to their right.  It's a problem, but there's another.  Drivers unfamiliar with the intersection, and the stop sign sometimes stop on Moores Mill. When they do, wrecks happen. "Two or three a week," says Ron Rudd.

Remember, this is a busy road and intersection. We're taking action to try to make sure both are safe for drivers. We're going to talk to Huntsville traffic engineers about the sign and the situation.