Help decide Ditto Landing’s future with this survey

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville’s Ditto Landing is one area city leaders would like to see get a makeover. The question is, what should the waterfront park look like in the future?

As part of Huntsville’s master plan called “The BIG Picture” city leaders have opened an online survey for residents to rate proposed ideas for Ditto Landing.

The proposals originated through focus groups and In the survey, users enter their zip code, then rank options for commercial development, recreation and more using a priority scale.

“We’ve had a great response at the Citizens Academies and on,” said Dennis Madsen, manager of urban and long-range planning. “The BIG Picture is an opportunity for all residents to have a voice in the future of Huntsville. We hope that the survey is a way to participate for those who were unable to attend the Citizens Academies.”

The survey will be open until July 29th. Click here to take it now.