Flooding problems in Tuscumbia

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TUSCUMBIA, AL. (WHNT) - Lorie Hoveter says she can't take any more floods. She reached out to us after it rained in June and her home was flooded. It caused thousands of dollars in damage. Hoveter lives on Warren Avenue. in Tuscumbia.  Since 2007, her basement has flooded four times.

'First time I noticed it was when the tornados that hit Hamilton and all came through. And we received about sixteen inches of water in our basement,' said Hoveter.

The damage was repaired, but she says the bills are adding up.

We took action and reached out to Tuscumbia Mayor Billy Shoemaker. Shoemaker says the houses on Warren Avenue were built more than fifty years ago and the engineering was not done adequately.  He claims it floods now, more than it used to.

'There`s no way to help them financially. You have to buy out all the houses and redo all the drainage. If it was my property, I would try to figure what to do on my property and I’ve already done that at my house,' said Shoemaker.

Mayor Shoemaker claims since houses are private property; the city cannot use public funds to benefit an individual to increase their property value.

Shoemaker advises people to contact FEMA if they have any questions about flooding issues in their homes.