Ardmore man arrested after allegedly phoning in threats against President Obama, other government officials

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Jimmie R. Johnson (Photo: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville Police arrested an Ardmore man who they said made threats to kill the president, other elected officials, and members of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, according to WTVF-TV in Nashville.

Metropolitan Nashville Police arrested 45-year-old Jimmie Randall Johnson Jr. on one count of harassment. An affidavit said Johnson called the main phone number of the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security and left three messages on July 11. During the second message, he even left his name.

During the messages, police said he made several threats against President Barack Obama, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, Tennessee Homeland Security Director David Purkey, and Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Special Agent Tommy Farmer. In one of the messages, he even threatened to blow up an airport according to WTVF-TV.

The affidavit said Johnson called back the following day, leaving another message in which he threatened to “light Nashville up,” and again threatened to kill Romney and Ryan.

Investigators tracked down the call and found that Johnson lives in Ardmore, Tenn. During an interview, Johnson allegedly admitted to making the calls and leaving the messages.

Johnson was arrested Saturday, and booked into the Nashville Metropolitan Jail.


  • Jeanne

    Well, it seems he is an equal opportunity hater, crossing all political boundaries. Seriously, there could be something seriously wrong with this man’s mental health.

    • Red

      That’s probably why he was arrested. I am surprised somebody doesn’t do this every single day in threats to the President. But if they arrested a guy just for threatening the President, that would upset somebody. A guy who threatens everybody is an easy arrest to make.

  • Jimmy

    WTF-EVER, So, if someone threatened to kill you, they shouldn’t be punished because it wouldn’t really be a threat because it would benefit mankind?

  • B

    You guys judge people much?
    “Metropolitan Nashville Police arrested 45-year-old Jimmie Randall Johnson Jr. on one count of harassment.” Doesn’t that he was arrested for making threats, he was arrested for repetitively calling and leaving these messages.

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