Domestic dispute ends at Decatur gym, man in custody

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - What started as a domestic dispute ended with the SWAT team called to a Decatur gym.

Officers responded to call of a gunshot fired near the Total Bronze and Fitness center on Indian Hills Road and Pointe Mallard Parkway.

Officers at the scene tell WHNT News 19 a married couple, was arguing. Then the woman went to the business. According to police, the man followed her to the building and fired a shot.

The shot did not hit the building. They say it went into nearby woods.


Officers tell us the man then went into the fitness center with the gun.

The SWAT team was called in, but before they arrived, officers took the man into custody.

They charged him with domestic violence. Investigators said more charges are pending.

No one was hurt.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Love & Hate are the same emotion…as you have to care about someone to either love them or hate them…but then some act out thru violence and call it love.

    • Say What

      Mix in easily obtainable guns and you often have dead bodies! Luckily in this case it did not result in a death!

  • Michael

    A SWAT team for a domestic dispute?!?!?!?!?! Why do police now use SWAT teams as an early response rather than a last response. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

  • John

    Michael, have you always been a dumb liberal or is this a new thing for you? Do you honestly think they sent a swat team as soon as the call came in? There was a stand off prior to swat getting called. The guy was gunned up and bunkered down in a gym ready to make his last stand. Swat has tear gas that would have forced him out so he couldnt shoot the patrol officers as the made entry into that building. Im sure you ate a tactic guro so you noticed the building front was mirror tinted windows so the guy could see everything the police were doing but they couldnt see him. Our founding fathers would be just as disapointed in you as I am.

    • Michael

      I’ll let you know when I vote for a liberal as President or Governor for the first time….

      You’re proving my point. You’re arguing for the most violent of violent solution to a situation which could be deescalated and handled without violence (the tackle aside), which it was. Our founding fathers debated fiercely over whether the United States should have a standing army at all, but even those that argued for it (Jefferson, Adams, Madison) saw the need to protect the people from the standing army of the government. The term “police” was used primarily as a verb during their time, not as a noun. How do you think they’d react to governments today enforcing its laws using assault rifles, armored vehicles, and battle garb, designed to be used against foreign soldiers and terrorists like Al-Qaeda, against citizens of America?

  • Reggie

    Michael, I would have agreed with you back in the 90s and while I think John lost credability when he started calling people names for voicing their opinion I have to agree with the fact that times are different then they were just a couple years ago. This was not at someone’s house where a single cop would probably show up and defuse the situation. This was a business with who knows how many people inside and that changed the dynamics of the event. The police cannot take the chance that this will get out of hand. Just a few years ago a couple of police would have shown up, ordered the guy to hand over his gun, handcuffed him (while still standing), and simply walked him to the police car. I do not think shootings have increased much around here but the press coverage on any gun related anything has become front page making everyone, including the police, afraid of any incident involving a gun. It would not have mattered if the guy had a gun in his truck, the moment a gun was mentioned the SWAT/QRF is going to be called. I am somewhat puzzeled by the policeman who grabbed the guy but I am sure their techniques are practiced, reviewed by their bosses, and carried out a certain way for a purpose. The report and the video are just too short to be too criticle and since I do not live there, they probably are not real concerned with my comments anyway. Just glad no one was shot.

    • Michael

      It’s funny when John and others like him call me a liberal yet I’m the one arguing against large government and its extreme force against its citizens.

      SWAT teams were created as a last resort response to situations in which the standard police force was ill-equipped and ill-trained to handle. From everything I’ve seen here, this was one nutjob with a gun which I’m sure every patrolman is trained to handle. The report even says that no one was hurt and the video showed the situation was diffused appropriately, meaning there was no need to call a paramilitary unit like the SWAT team because there was at least one patrolman present that had the training to deescalate the situation. There were just a few hundred SWAT raids per year in the US back in the 70s. Now, this country deploys about 100 each day with the overwhelming majority of them used for nonviolent offenses (I guess this story is at least a little more warranted than the typical SWAT deployment).

      Times have changed, and probably not in the way you’re thinking. I highly recommend a recently released book by Radley Balko called “Rise of the Warrior Cop.” Police militarization is a problem that should concern both the civil rights liberals AND the small government conservatives.

  • John

    welll i tell you what hero. Next time there is a gunman bunkered down and whos last words were ” I want to die” you should walk across a open parking lot leavin all cover behind. walk right up to the building you cant see into and knock on the door. See how far you can get into your history lesson before he splaters you across the parking lot. Try to not think about your family or how you will be missed.Because according to your opinonthats what the officers there did wrong. They took the safety of there lives and the safety of the surronding public and decided that it was best to hold their positions around the building keeping him from make victims out of inocent people. They called swat because the swat team has trained people that could have talked him out. You dont know what your talking about when it comes to police tactics

    • Michael

      Oh boy, here we go with the empty “you’ve never worn a badge,” argument. First, I didn’t criticize the tackle. Only that it was the only thing that could have been considered violence, but overall it was handled appropriately. But nice try in spinning in that way. Second, are the patrolmen not trained to handle a lone gunman even when they are vastly more equipped and have taken many more gun courses than said gunman? Do you not have enough faith in their training or duties? Like I said in the other post in which you or someone else tried to have deleted (it will be back because I broke no rules), SWAT teams were designed as a last resort response to situations in which the patrolmen are ill-equipped and ill-trained to deal with. Nowadays, it’s an early response for typical law enforcement. Third, there is an inherit risk of danger with taking a police job. When you talk about missing your family, does that not cross anyone’s mind when someone signs up for the police?

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