Several new upgrades to Marshall County 911 Center aim for precision

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- New equipment and upgrades to Marshall County's 911 center are geared toward a more precise way of getting the county's residents the help they need when they need it most.

Thursday the 911 center at the Arab Fire Department was peppered with state, city and county leaders. Also in the mix were many of the people the center revolves around - first responders and citizens.

It was a celebration of a new way to keep Marshall County's residents even safer.

"We've renovated our center, we've completely updated our equipment," Executive Director Johnny Hart says.

Hart explains those updates mean a more precise way of getting residents the help they need when they need it quickly.

"The hardest thing in 911 is locating the person in need and this update has given us a better opportunity to do that," Hart says.

With thousands of 911 emergency calls a year, that opportunity is a big one for the center. "I'm just proud and I hope the citizens in Marshall County can come by and see their 911 system," Hart says.

Other improvements include a new room to house the center in.

The funds for the upgrades stem from a small fee on telephone bills.