Man tells TSA he passed through Huntsville airport with “artfully concealed knife”

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DETROIT (AP) — A man arrested after Detroit airport security agents found a knife concealed inside a shoe in his carry-on luggage told police he believed he wasn’t breaking the law because the weapon had already passed Transportation Security Administration screening at an airport in Alabama.

The 38-year-old suspect’s statement is contained in an airport police investigative report obtained by The Associated Press via a Freedom of Information Act request.

According to the report, a TSA screener says he discovered “an artfully concealed knife” in the lining of the shoe on July 6.

The man told police the same knife, similarly concealed, had not been “discovered or confiscated by the TSA” July 3 at the Huntsville, Alabama, airport.

Prosecutor’s spokeswoman Maria Miller said Friday the suspect hasn’t been charged.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    …and who among has not had a ‘forgotten surprise” we failed to remember to remove an item from our carry-on…and yet used USPS to ship it back once we arrived & the left the other airport?
    TSA does have value, but then so does Barney Fife…

    • Michael

      If that value is to catch terrorists, then that value is nil since TSA has yet to catch its first terrorist. If it’s to steal from travelers, then I guess they do have some value since there have been nearly 500 cases of arrests made against TSA workers for theft.

  • Gail Dyar Carter

    why would anyone, knowing how they are at airport screening, put a knife in the lining of a shoe unless he had something dumb on his mind. He sounds dumb. Why didn’t he just mail it home. Something just don’t make sense with this.

  • sg saseen

    Is this person telling the truth about passing thru Hsv Jetplex TSA screening or his he just seeking his 15 minutes of fame? Regarding Barney Fife was arrested. Goober did a citizen’s when Deputy Fife made an illegal u turn

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