It’s Friday! Here are some neat-o BBQ tech tools

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – We’re in the heart of summer BBQ season and if you’re looking for ways to make your next cookout a real standout, check out some of the gadgets below!

Airlighter – This $100 gadget from Bison shoots a 4-inch flame and claims to light coal in 10 seconds while reaching a high heat in under a minute.  It’s billed as a faster, safer way to light up the ‘ol grill.

Weber Grills App – This app delivers 75 new barbecue recipes every Friday. Download it free app on your iPhone or Android.

iGrill Bluetooth cooking thermometer – This $80 cooking thermometer is a high-tech tool to ensure your meat is cooked perfectly. A probe, inserted into your steak, syncs wirelessly to a corresponding app as well.