Huntsville City Schools looks for home for Free 2 Teach

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala - Now that West Huntsville Elementary is being sold to a private investor, what does that mean for the non-profit organization that lives there?

"We actually knew all along that there was a possibility that it would sell," said Eula Battle, co-chair of Free 2 Teach. The sale of the school means big change but leaves the organization without a home.

"I was mixed because I was worried about where we would go and because the teachers are used to coming in," said Battle. Free 2 Teach offers free school supplies to local teachers. The school district says they are working to find the organization a new home.

"We've got staff here within Huntsville City Schools that are actively looking at options for free to teach," said Keith Ward of Huntsville City Schools. Free 2 Teach been operating there for a year and half, and they are hoping their new location will be as affordable as this one.

"We have a rented for a dollar a year and a percentage of the utilities," said Battle.

"Free 2 Teach is a great organization," said Ward, "they've helped our teachers and teachers in neighboring school districts here." Though the future is unclear, they look forward to the district benefiting from the sale.

"I'm happy for the students and for our district, that they're going to get new schools," said Battle. The school district is looking to place the organization into one of its buildings, or help them find a private property to call home.