“Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges” Now Available in Print and E-Books

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"Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges …

In the same way that a big door swings on a much smaller hinge; the choices and decisions one makes in life produce a much larger outcome. The result may be good or it may be bad - it all hinges on your choice... your decision.

In the English language the word “but” is small. However, the change it can produce or the outcome it brings can at times be large, exciting, profitable, or destructive. Truly the trajectory on one’s life can be forever altered.

This is not only true for our day, it is also lived out many times in the Bible.  These stories and many more are seen in the book, Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges. Every chapter is a life lesson we can all profit from. Read them... and reap!

Roger Mardis, author and local pastor, has written this devotional hinging on the small conjunction "but."   You can get your copy at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com or click here for more information.