Mother alleges 1-year-old contracted herpes at Oklahoma daycare

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OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma mother claims her 1-year-old got a horrible case of herpes from a daycare teacher at ChildTime near SW 89th and May.

Consuela Smith says her daughter is in pain day and night.

“She started getting blisters all around her mouth and bleeding.”

Consulea says she immediately took her to the doctor.

“They told me that she had herpes.”

Then Consuela says she contacted the daycare.

“I told her what she had and they told me the worker does have this.”

“Herpetic stomatitis is basically when you have multiple cold sores in your mouth,” medical doctor Ryan Brown from OU Children’s explained. “Cold sores are normally caused by herpes simplex one virus. They are very easily spread, by touching and rubbing something else or saliva.”

ChildTime corporate offices out of Michigan issued the following statement:

Our children’s well-being is of the utmost importance to us. We have strict policies and procedures to ensure we meet or exceed regulatory guidelines on health and safety. We take every precaution to prevent the spread of germs or illness, and investigate any reported concerns.

Although Smith is upset, she says she is focused on getting her daughter better and keeping others safe.

“It’s nasty. A 1-year-old walking around with Herpes.”


  • Leanne

    While I hate that the baby is dealing with cold sores, I think the woman heard “herpes” and is reacting more to the stigma attached to the name. I had cold sores occasionally as a child – also caused by a herpes type virus. Probably got them from my mom, who had them, too. And I had chicken pox – caused by another herpes type virus. But my mother didn’t tell folks I had herpes. She said I had a cold sore or chicken pox. And as a teen I had mono – another herpes type virus. The herpes simplex cold sores are easily transmitted. Like I said, I hate that this poor baby is dealing with them. They can be very painful. And I would be upset if my child received this virus from a caregiver, too. But to say “my child caught herpes from daycare” is kind of unfair, I think, because it makes it sound as though there was something sexual possibly going on at the daycare.

  • Jim

    Well, its pretty common. Other children could have it too and they put their hands in their mouths and touch other children in the mouth etc and its easily transmitted. Anything a kid is chewing on ie a toy could be picked up by another right after and transmit it that way with saliva contact. Not nice to have but its pretty common…

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