Melonslicer a Deal

Cutting a watermelon can be a messy and inexact science.

But there is a product that makes it really easy.

It’s called the Melonslicer and we found it at Sam’s Club.

It cost $14.99.

You have to have some muscle to use it but it’s great.

You can cut cantaloupe and honeydew with it. We’ve also heard you can cut a pizza with it. (We will hold that for the next Deal or Dud.)

But the Melonslicer makes quick work of a watermelon.

You will probably have to cut off the ends to make it fit under the Melonslicer.

You put the Melonslicer on top of the watermelon and push straight down.   It does take some strength to make it work. A soft touch won’t do.

But it works great and we recommend it. The Melonslicer is a Deal.

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