TAKING ACTION: Woman nearly scammed out of hundreds of dollars

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BOAZ, Ala. (WHNT) – The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a new phone scam.

Lynda Gale Knight was sitting in her Boaz apartment when someone called from a number she didn’t recognize.

“He told me I had just won two-and-half-million-dollars,” Knight told WHNT News 19.

Knight knew it was a scam but she wanted to catch the caller in the act.

“So he said there was only one thing that I had to do, and that was go to, he asked if I had a Dollar General store near me,” Knight said.

The retired teacher told the man there wasn’t a Dollar General store near her.  He told her to go to her car, leave the phone on, and drive to Walmart.  He then instructed her to get a green dot money scratch card at the store, but the store didn’t carry it.   He said go to a different store but that store didn’t sell them either.

Knight tells WHNT she believes she was supposed to get a card, put nearly $400 on it and send it to the caller.  The scam artist would then in-turn send her millions.

Knight says neighbors in her retirement community also received the call.  One of those neighbors received ten calls from ten different numbers.

Deputies say the scam is a common one.  They say never give out your information to people you don’t know.  If you receive a scam call please contact your local law enforcement agency.


  • Red

    And maybe driving around all over the place trying to do what the person on the phone tells you to do is also not a great idea, even IF you are fully clued into the scam and are just trying to nab a crook.

  • Jim

    Well what if the guy knew where she lived and just wanted to get her out of her house so he could rob it..

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