launches White House petition drive to prevent needless child deaths in hot vehicles

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - launched a "We the People" petition drive today on the White House petition website. The petition will push the Obama Administration to authorize the U.S. Department of Transportation to provide funding for research and development of innovative technology to detect a child left alone in the rear seat of a vehicle.

In the past 20 years more than 670 U.S. children have died in hot cars. Already in 2014 at least 17 children have died in hot cars, reports, the only and leading national nonprofit group dedicated solely to preventing injuries and deaths of children in and around motor vehicles works with David Diamond, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at the University of South Florida who studies the brain and memory, including people who have unknowingly forgotten children. He finds that, "These memory errors are committed by normal, attentive and loving parents. Many of these parents had believed that they could never forget their children, until their children died," he said. "Scientific studies confirm that you can't assume your memory will never fail, and the consequences of a memory failure can be tragic."

Specifically, the petition urges the Obama Administration to authorize the Department of Transportation to:

• Provide funding for research and development of innovative technology.
• Identify, evaluate and test new technology to accelerate implementation of the most feasible and effective solutions.
• Require installation of technology in ALL vehicles and/or child safety seats to prevent children from being left alone in vehicles.

"The auto industry already recognizes we're human and our memories often fail us. You get a warning if you don't buckle your seatbelt, leave a car door open, your gas is low or you leave your headlights on," explains Janette Fennell, founder and president of "If you forget your keys in the ignition, you get a warning. If a child is left behind, you absolutely need a warning. The federal government and automakers have the ability to solve this problem, and we need action now." needs 100,000 signatures on its petition in 30 days (July 15-Aug. 12). "We believe the public wants action now," Fennell said. "These deaths are happening too frequently in communities across the country and the petition will ensure White House attention and a response."

Other successful child safety initiatives promoted by include adoption of federal safety standards requiring all vehicles be equipped with trunk release latches to prevent trunk entrapment, safer power window switches to prevent children from being strangled, and brake transmission shift interlock systems so children cannot inadvertently knock a vehicle into gear. Most recently a federal DOT rule was issued requiring rear visibility systems as standard equipment on all new passenger vehicles by May 2018.


Founded in 1996, is the only and leading national nonprofit child safety organization dedicated solely to preventing injuries and deaths of children in and around vehicles. promotes awareness among parents, caregivers and the general public about the dangers to children, including backover and frontover incidents, and heat stroke from being inadvertently left in a vehicle. The organization works to prevent tragedies through data collection, education and public awareness, policy change, product redesign and survivor advocacy.


  • chase

    this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. please balance the budget before you spend time on malarchy like this.

  • Dan

    The Parents who lock their kids in the car aren’t doing it because they don’t know its too hot, its because they don’t care or think they will be back in time. New technology won’t change that.

  • Everett Bailey

    “Already…17 children have died” OK. Well in 2010 more than 2000 died from SIDS so why not mandate that all cribs be equipped with EKG heart monitors, respiration monitors and AEDs? These are sad stories but thankfully the number of these incidents is pretty small. Here’s a question: If we supposedly have this War On Terror, why the hell haven’t we lifted a finger to fight the terrorist group in South Africa who STILL have those 300 schoolgirls captive? Off topic I know, but it’s on my mind. The point is, this is such a comparatively small issue and there are much greater threats to the children of the world than this. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but if there is any demand for this sort of technology then let the free market work it out and it’s the parents’ responsibility to purchase and use it if they think it’ll help them.

  • Richard W. Lockwood Jr.


  • Rona

    How about signs in public areas where cars are parked… the mall, gas stations, store fronts. Places that parents/guardians think a quick “run in” won’t make difference. Or even post metal signs on light posts in parking lots that would be permanent. The sign can say “Leaving your child unattended in your car in hot weather can be deadly!” I think public service announcements should start in May and run through September. DMV’s should also have PSA videos about leaving children in hot cars, something like the TSA’s videos about air travel safety.

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