Scottsboro woman celebrates her 106th birthday

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- A Scottsboro family is celebrating a very special birthday - for a woman who has seen 106 years.

What's a birthday without food, good friends, and of course - cake.

Lisa Smith and her husband Philip are opening their Scottsboro home to celebrate Lisa's grandmother's 106th birthday.

Birthday cards are piled high on Pauline DiPierdomenico's bedside table. One is even signed by President Barack Obama.

"When's your birthday?" Smith asks of her grandmother, who is wearing pink flowers pinned to her dress for the occasion. "July," DiPierdomenico answers.

"July eighth! What year?" Smith asks.


That's right. DiPierdomenico was born in Italy in 1908, and came to the United States when she was only a few months old.

"She was the oldest of ten that survived to adulthood," Smith says.

Her grandmother lived in Connecticut for over 90 years, and now she lives with Smith and her husband in Scottsboro.

"I just love listening to her because she'll tell me different stories and that's always fun," Smith says.

On this special birthday Smith says she's just happy to share this extraordinary woman with those who came to wish her well.

As for DiPierdomenico's secret to living this long? Well, two words for you.

Hot peppers.

"You like hot peppers, don't you?" Smith asks her grandmother, leaning over the bed.

"Oh yeah, I like them," she answers with a laugh.

You would think 106 years old is a milestone.

Well, in DiPierdomenico's scheme of things, it's a stepping stone.

"She wants to live to be 150, because back when she was in her early 20s she read an article about a man who lived to be 150 and she wants to beat him," Smith says, "I think she might. I don't know," she says with a laugh.

For now, this woman who kept canning vegetables until she was 100 years old is just happy to celebrate today.

"You know I think you're pretty special?" Smith asks. "I don't know what's on your mind!" DiPierdomenico answers with a laugh.

Smith says besides her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, DiPierdomenico has two great-great-grandchildren.


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