HCS board member cancels “Citizens Work Session” for Monday night

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(HUNTSVILLE, Ala) — School Board Vice President Laurie McCaulley has canceled the Citizens Workshop for Monday night scheduled at Butler High School.

The decision comes after U.S. District Court Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala took aim at the Huntsville School Board, stating that a proposed Citizens’ Workshop could “cause problems down the line.”

Haikala accused McCaulley and the board of “engaging in conversations that will hamper the court’s efforts in this case.”

McCaulley believes it all came down to a misunderstanding of her true intent.

“I had no intentions of making any commitments and I said I was going there to listen and gather information and suggestions from the public,” McCaulley told WHNT News 19. “All I was asking was the citizens of Huntsville to come together and just give us their vision of unitary status.”

While she regrets canceling the workshop, McCaulley believes it is in the district’s best interest at this time. She does still encourage concerned parents to email her or their school board representatives with any ideas or concerns they may have as the district heads into mediation.



  • Nuclear Mike

    Anyone who has ever been involved with Federal Civil Rights knows where this is going against the School Board & City Government…

  • Harry Martin

    Yes, the outcome has already been decided. All of this is just a waste of everybody’s time.

  • Tommythunderball

    Yep, a federal court may rule in favor of Redneckus Americana as it did in the Alabama court case last year, ‘Shelby County vs. Holder’.

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