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Taking Action: Hartselle Man Unsafe In His Own Yard

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Hartselle man tells us it isn't safe for him to work, or even be in his front yard because of the traffic in front of his house. The road curves in front of Edward Wallace's home, and he says cars run off the road and into his yard all the time. So he contacted us, and WHNT News 19 is taking action to get him some help.

Edward Wallace says he can't be in his front yard anymore. He says it's even occured to him to call the police just to stand by while he cuts his grass. Cars run off the road and slide to a stop in his front yard.

Mr. Wallace says that his otherwise quiet residential street has become a traffic shortcut for motorists coming off Bethel Road, either making their way in toward town or toward Highway 36. He says many of them don't realize quite how fast they're going when they hit this curve and a lot of them wind up in his front yard. So Mr. Wallace asked us to take action on his behalf.

We watched the traffic flow from several locations today. A lot of motorists seem to use Bethel Street as a shortcut into town from Bethel Road. It means a lot of unnecessary traffic funneled onto a residential street. The road narrows as you get closer to Mr. Wallace's home, and then there's the curve.

"I worry about people running into me! You know, it's hazardous to even mow my yard, knowing this is prone to happen, you know," Wallace said.

So we contacted Hartselle Police Chief Ron Puckett, and he went out and took a look at the area, and he agrees, something has to be done.

"I've talked with our city engineer, Mr. Johnson, about trying to come up with some traffic control device and we're going to send that information to our traffic engineers to come up hopefully with a solution to correct the problem at that intersection," Chief Puckett said. In the meantime, Puckett says they will step up patrols along Bethel Street because he says Mr. Wallace has a right to be safe in his own front yard.

Chief Puckett says making the intersection a 3-way stop might be one possible solution. Mr. Wallace says speed bumps might slow traffic down and discourage drivers from using his neighborhood as a shortcut. We'll keep checking back to see what happens.


  • David

    Dig a little deeper and you’ll find one reason for the traffic: a bridge over the railroad, bypassing part of the town. People will continue driving in the residential Bethel Street area to use the bridge, no matter what action is taken to improve safety there, until the state’s entire bypass project is completed. I believe when the project is eventually completed, the traffic will not go near Stallworth. I’d enjoy reading an article about the state’s schedule to finish the project.

  • kandi

    Just yesterday I seen a car spin completely around going around that curve to fast. Something needs to be done asap!

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