Pizza Joint Doesn’t Cut the Mustard

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Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Domino's  at 503 N Carlisle Street in Albertville: Score of 78

  • Personal drinks in cooler with food.
  • Cleaners stored on top of food.
  • Hose connected without backflow protection.
  • Approved course not completed.

Casa Mexicana Restaurant at 550 Brighton Avenue in Muscle Shoals: Score of 80

  • Dish machine not sanitizing properly.
  • Chili rellano at 46F, steak at 52F.
  • Chicken dated the 29th was 101F, No date mark on chili rellano.

Repeat Offender:

Lil' Dotties at 18025 Nuclear Plant Road in Athens: Score of 81

  • Drink nozzles need cleaning.
  • Ice dispenser needs cleaning.
  • Eggs 74F.

Golden Spoon Award:

Taco Bell at 2100 Woodward Avenue in Muscle Shoals: Score of 99