Madison County school board approves purchase of land for new high school

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The Madison County Board of Education authorized superintendent David Copeland to purchase land for a new high school in the Monrovia area Thursday night.

According to a Madison County spokesperson, the land is located at the corner of Pine Grove Road and Pettus Road, across the street from Legacy Elementary School.

It’s a huge step forward in a plan that’s been in the works for years.

As the search was on for the perfect stretch of land, Copeland say’s safety was a top priority.

“The accessibility for parents and students, and the safety issue is huge for us. So, we’re addressing all those issues, and that’s why it’s taking longer than we had anticipated.”

It’s also not the Madison County School Board’s first choice.  There were safety concerns and community outrage on their first proposed location on Highway 53 in Toney.

However with a location in the books, the hope is that the new high school will alleviate overcrowding at Sparkman High.

County Commission Chair Dale Strong is excited the plans are moving forward.

“We are proud that the school board did exactly what they said they would do to help with the overcrowding at Sparkman High. I am elated with the cooperation between commissioners and the school board to scrape together every dollar available for this project. It will greatly benefit the community.”

Strong is also referring to the $55.9 million in BRAC funding that helped the district to move forward with the new high school.

They say they will get started on design plans as soon as possible. School board members hope to open the new high school in fall 2016.

WHNT News 19 will bring you updates to this story when more details about the purchase are made available.


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