Catch Theatre Huntsville’s “Nunset Boulevard” at the Von Braun Center

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The Little Sisters of Hoboken have been invited to sing at the Hollywood Bowl--until they arrive and realize that they are booked into the Hollywood Bowl-A-Rama--a bowling alley with a cabaret lounge. Midway through the first act someone gets wind that the famous movie producer, James Todd, is across the street auditioning for roles in his new movie musical, "Nunset Boulevard: A Song from the Hart," about the life of Dolores Hart, the famous movie star turned nun. Thinking they are naturals for parts, the Sisters race to audition. Will they be discovered and find new careers in Hollywood? Join us to find out! For all audiences.

Catch Theatre Huntsville's Nunset Boulevard weekends, July 11th through 19th.  Showtimes are 7:30 pm and 2:00 pm at the Von Braun Center Playhouse.

Call (256) 536-0807 for more information.