Attorney General Strange says counties cannot ban guns in polling places

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(WHNT) - With the runoff election around the corner, Attorney General Luther Strange is reminding county commissions of their authority limits after voters showed up to the primary on June 3 carrying their guns in Shelby and Chambers counties.

"It was a request from a county, as to whether voting locations could be designated courthouse annexes or courthouse facilities so the county could regulate them," said Limestone County Probate Judge Charles Woodroof.  Attorney General Strange's seven-page opinion says that private property can not be under county control just because it is used as a polling place.

"It was determined that those private properties are not county property just for that election day," explained Judge Woodroof, which means that the property owner can choose to allow guns inside when it comes time to vote.

"I don't feel the need for them to be there," said Huntsville resident James Moses about guns in polling places, "but if a person feels the need and has a legal permit, I have no problem with that." Moses is the president of the Alabama Rifle and Pistol Association. He says polling places that do not allow guns inside will never be a problem for law-abiding citizens.

"That's the whole fallacy of gun restrictions," said Moses, "the people who you worry about will ignore the restrictions until its too late."

The runoff is July 15.


  • Red

    Uggg. More gun idiocy. The gun babies whining about whether or not they can bring their guns to someplace and the rest of rational society asking WHY. Then there are the fear mongers who want to know how we are going to defend ourselves against the murderers hiding amongst the rest of the voters doing their civic duty if we aren’t allowed to pack our own weapons. This is going to be a neverending thing. The guy quoted at the end of the article seems to be completely unaware of the potential danger from the folks that he isn’t worried about… and there is a danger there. It may be a very small danger, but once you magnify that however many times for all the law abiding, gotta-have-mah-gun-ever-whir-eye-go folks, the danger becomes significant.

  • Harry Martin

    Police can’t be everywhere, but those who carry, can be. THAT is what bothers the law breakers.

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