Extreme Wedding Photos: A Negative Trend?

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An uninvited guest to a wedding in Canada earlier this week stole the show. Usually people talk about the cake, the dress, or the ring- but not this time.

A wedding photographer captured a tornado in the background of one couples' pictures and social media has been taken by storm. It's what some are calling "extreme". Another recent example happened in Oregon where a couple was forced to shorten their wedding ceremony due to a raging wildfire.

Kerry Brooks, a professional photographer in Huntsville with more than 17 years of experience, believes it all comes back to a safety issue. "It’s probably a negative precedent. You might have people who would have, in any other circumstance, gone and sought shelter. Or just avoided the situation altogether," said Brooks.

Brooks added, "You’re inviting danger and I think that is something that should be considered when looking at those photos."

The most daring thing Brooks has photographed was when a couple requested pictures of them walking across the top of a waterfall with their dog.

"You’re always trying to provide your client with something that they can’t get somewhere else," said Brooks, but don't look for him to have any tornadoes in his pictures. "No, I don’t really feel like I need to rely on some natural occurrence to make an outstanding photograph," stated Brooks.

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