EXCLUSIVE: Local ‘Goon Squad Mafia’ gang activity has experts concerned

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Gang members, reportedly affiliated with the Goon Squad Mafia – an off shoot of the Bloods gang – have shown signs of intimidation in recent months, leaving gang experts in the area on edge.

The GSM gang can be found in cities coast-to-coast, but an uptick of tagging and other crimes allegedly linked to local GSM gang members gives gang task force members like Carl McDuffie with the Huntsville Police Department cause for concern.

“Anytime you have an organization come up like that it  concerns us, now we have to start looking at who they are targeting and say what is this about,” McDuffie says.

The gang seems to be operating inside Madison County in areas north of the Huntsville city limits. Dozens of tags, graffiti spray painted on signs and buildings, has been discovered in North Madison County in the past several weeks.

Right now officers are investigating other crimes for connections to the gang, but would not comment about those ongoing investigations at this time.

“When you jump up on the scope this fast as some of these guys are, it brings particular notice because they are putting everyone on notice that we are here, we are not going anywhere so you better keep an eye on us,” McDuffie added.

If you spot gang related activity call your local police department or dial 911, police say never to approach suspects or try to stop them, but do gather as much information about them as safely as possible and pass it along to investigators.



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