Enduracool Hat Is Cool!

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“It’s so humid here it’s like walking around in a dog’s mouth.”-WHNT NEWS 19 Reporter/Photojournalist Jeff Gray

Anyone that spends time outside in Alabama this time of year knows about heat and humidity.

Any shortcut to knock the edge off the misery of it is usually welcomed in a robust manner.

There is a product that claims to do that.

It’s the Enduracool Instant Cooling Hat.

The packaging claims to have a patented technology that cools the hat off when it gets wet.

We put the hat on the trunk of a car for about 50-60 minutes in the heat of the day.  Also, we put two bottled waters outside with the Enduracool so the water would be close to the same temperature.

Using a device that registers temperature, the cap hit about 92 degrees. When we poured the water on the cap, it quickly cooled to around 81-82 degrees and stayed there for a long time.

The Enduracool we like. It tested well. But it is pricey. The cost was $24.99 at a big box home store.

We make it a Deal.


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