Scam Alert: Credit Mules Using New Approach with Cell Phones

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - There are so many bad guys looking to use your information to their advantage. Have you heard of credit mules? Scammers basically use you and your credit. In this latest scheme, it involves cell phones.

Someone offers you money if you go buy them a cell phone and enter a contract on their behalf. The problem is, they get the phone and are long gone. Then, you get stuck with the bill.

"Unfortunately what's going to happen is you may get some money from them, but they are going to get possession of that phone," says Michele Mason, President of the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama. "They can unlock it and can sell it for quite a bit more. We're finding that contracts are going to be 2-3 years long and you're going to be responsible for paying that off which is going to be very expensive."

Mason says college students are particularly at risk.

"They're more likely to have the need for the money and maybe not question the method they're being approached to use," explains Mason. "They may have enough established credit, but not bad credit yet to be able to qualify for something like a cell phone."

The bottom line is, if someone approaches you with this, just say no.

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