Sheriff: Woman on horseback robs DeKalb County business

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Christine Saunders, 45 of Fyffe. (Photo: DeKalb County Sheriff's Office)

FYFFE, Ala. (WHNT)-  According to DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris,  deputies arrested a woman Saturday for robbing a local store.   The sheriff says she rode to the store on horseback.

Harris says Christine Saunders, 45, of Fyffe is charged with public intoxication and illegal possession of a prohibited beverage.

The sheriff says that Saturday, July 5th, deputies responded to the call at the store located at Hammonds Crossroads.   Deputies say they found Saunders intoxicated with items from the store in her possession.  The deputies also found a horse tied up outside the store that they believe she rode to the store on.

According to a news release, deputies recovered three cans of Keystone Light in a Walmart bag tied on the saddle horn. The horse was later returned to the owner who did not want to press charges. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is working with the store owner on other charges.



  • nuclear mike

    If she had stolen the horse, then that should have been a hanging offense!!!
    When there are so many important details left out of all the WHNT reports it is more than just a joke when CH19 reports the 3 cans of “Keystone” beer as an important detail…was this female outlaw armed or not? Did she threaten the store clerk? The no charges for horse theft is the result of kin or just understanding good-hearted neighbors? Why would WalMart sell beer to such a character inn the first place?

    • nuclear mike

      Hard work & owning a few companies allows me to do as I please with my time & good fortune…

  • Red

    Fyffe… something sounds very appropriate about that. Good job law enforcement! Another dangerous horse riding illegal beverage possessor out of the saddle and off the trail. Lets pile on as many charges as we can think of and nevermind trying to help this woman with whatever her problem is.

  • Steven

    Yep you can tell it is ELECTION year, Maybe the Sheriff needs to be more concerned about the drug problems instedt of getting his name on TV.

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