Petition Requests Immediate Resignation of Huntsville Superintendent


This petition, hosted on, reached fifty signatures on July 3rd, each one affirming the demand that Superintendent Casey Wardynski should resign.

In the wake of a federal judge’s ruling on the dispute between the Department of Justice and the school district, Petition Author Terri Michal, believes, “Outrage needs to be there. When a federal judge comes down and says some of the things she has said, I think the public really needs to be paying attention to her words.”

One part of the ruling grabbed her attention in particular, “It was the comment about how it’s apparent that all of the information has not been given to the public about how they came about these decisions and why.”

Michal pins that on the superintendent.  She has her theories as to why he isn’t more straightforward, “What’s happening in Huntsville City with Superintendent Wardynski is all about corporate reform in education. One thing I think maybe the public does not know as a whole is that this is all about privatizing our public schools. Wardynski is very much about getting corporations footholds in our schools.”

The petition doesn’t get into all that. Michal says one of its main purposes is simply to show Wardynski’s supporters within the district that he has a dedicated opposition.

We reached out to Casey Wardynski’s office, they didn’t want to comment on the petition. We also reached out to School Board President David Blair, but couldn’t immediately reach him.


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