Petition Requests Immediate Resignation of Huntsville Superintendent

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This petition, hosted on, reached fifty signatures on July 3rd, each one affirming the demand that Superintendent Casey Wardynski should resign.

In the wake of a federal judge’s ruling on the dispute between the Department of Justice and the school district, Petition Author Terri Michal, believes, “Outrage needs to be there. When a federal judge comes down and says some of the things she has said, I think the public really needs to be paying attention to her words.”

One part of the ruling grabbed her attention in particular, “It was the comment about how it’s apparent that all of the information has not been given to the public about how they came about these decisions and why.”

Michal pins that on the superintendent.  She has her theories as to why he isn’t more straightforward, “What’s happening in Huntsville City with Superintendent Wardynski is all about corporate reform in education. One thing I think maybe the public does not know as a whole is that this is all about privatizing our public schools. Wardynski is very much about getting corporations footholds in our schools.”

The petition doesn’t get into all that. Michal says one of its main purposes is simply to show Wardynski’s supporters within the district that he has a dedicated opposition.

We reached out to Casey Wardynski’s office, they didn’t want to comment on the petition. We also reached out to School Board President David Blair, but couldn’t immediately reach him.


  • Me

    I don’t see how an extremely low number of signatures will ever make someone resign. Besides that, the majority of Huntsville city schools parents actually approve of the current superintendent. He was able to get the system out of an enormous amount of debt in a few short years. If you want someone different to lead the system go ahead and try to find a more qualified person, I would love to see someone try.

    • Doctor

      Try to find someone better qualified? No problem! How can someone come into education with no education background and become a school superintendent? Forget he was an instructor at a military academy. In the past how has he worked with kids? A teacher can’t go on Redstone Arsenal and get a job, let alone even be let in the gate. Why can a person who has never been in education be allowed in such a high place. To make a comment to your statement, there are a lot of more qualified people to put in that position. I would also check your facts on the statement “majority of HCS parents actually approve of the current superintendent”. After, the findings that came out from the courts that statement is controversial.

  • Jim

    I dont think you will find a more qualified individual to lead the Huntsville City Schools as Superintendent. The results that he has produced since he has been superintendent are more than enough evidence that he is doing a great job. He brought the system out of a 22 million dollar deficit to a surplus in record time. He saved the system 11 million dollars alone in textbook costs with the 100% conversion to computers for all students in a 1 yr timeframe that has never been done anywhere in the country at that scale in that quick of a time. He has got school construction approved in record time that would take years under previous administrations. He has centralized the hiring of teachers for the system which is a key step in achieving unitary status. He has brought in highly qualified principal teams who produced outstanding results at a High School in Tenn that were nationally recognized to lead Mae Jemison High School. You can continue to name results that he has garnered here to make this a better system. He is working to get the system unitary status which not much had been done prior to him coming. He is a results oriented individual and has delivered results so far that are outstanding. The superintendent is a management position and he is doing a great job at it. I really would like to see whom the author of the petition for the superintendents resignation would like to replace him with? What kind of results are they looking for? I have attended the school meetings about all the changes going on and the public input sessions and it has been pretty transparent to me. I understand that the Johnson and Butler alumni are not pleased with having their schools go away and be replaced with Mae Jemison and the same might go for Davis Hills and Ed White being merged into Ronald McNair Middle. The plain facts were that those schools were old and needed replacing and were at 50% capacity or less each. It made sense to combine them and change names since it would be unfair to keep the name when two schools merged. It only makes sense to change names when they merge. People complained about Grissom not changing names..Well quite frankly Grissom is only moving locations, there is no merger involved there. Keep up the great work you are doing Dr Wardynski there are many of us that follow the events going on in Huntsville and appreciate all the work that you have put into the system…

  • Harry Martin

    Whoever is behind this, never dealt with the previous administration! I had to and now, I have respect for the office and especially the office holder!

  • Sam

    Is it too late to sign it? This is the first news I have heard about the petition. If you get the word out, I know many more who will sign it.

  • Sherry

    Well, allow me to say this I don’t know much about the school superintendent but I have children , and two of them are still school age. I have one older one which is 22 yrs. old he was also in school during the superintendent Mr. Wardynski a year ago because I allowed him to stay in school longer. Ok I can say this with assurance because I’ve seen with the difference in locations of the school system. I have an older son whom I mentioned earlier which is 22years old now and I also have a 16 years son. Both of my sons are Autism, and are very much teachable, but the school system which is on the Northside (Johnson High) didn’t teach my boys nothing, but think that they can’t learn. Well to make a long story short, I moved from the city to the county and the school system where the Caucasian’s attend really do teach and they care if the child learns verses the Afro-American districts can care less if the child learns, because those teachers only go to work for a pay check and that’s it. I think something needs to be done about that because as of right now I’m having to still teach my 22yr. old because the system failed me. Considering I was the only on teaching him, because a child can’t be taught two different things trying to learn one thing that has learning disabilities. I’m just stressing my experience with y’all from Huntsville City school system. Please correct the problem. I could go on cause I do have a third child whom is a girl but I’ll rest, but this system needs a lot of correction. Everybody needs to play the game fair, you can’t go to work and not get a pay check therefore work, that’s what you get paid for.

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