Lauderdale School Board Member jailed for failure to comply with guilty plea

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Dan Beavers

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – A long-time school board member in Lauderdale County will be serving the next 12-months behind bars.

Dan Beavers was escorted from court after a district judge imposed jail time Monday morning because he failed to comply with a guilty plea in May.

In May, Beavers entered a guilty plea of operating a heating and cooling business without a contractor’s license and given a suspended sentence.

District Attorney Chris Connolly said three warrants were issued for Beavers arrest last week after investigators observed him continuing to work on heating and cooling units.

“I think he just mistakenly believed that nothing was going to happen to him. So, we issued a bench warrant for him and had that hearing today and got the sentence imposed,” said Connolly.

While being escorted from the courtroom, Beavers questioned the court’s decision in sentencing him to jail time.

“The court system is not working. Can you imagine going to jail for working on someone’s air conditioner after I had a license for 40-years,” stated Beavers.

According to the Lauderdale County School System, unless Beavers resigns from his position there is little they can do in removing him from his chair.

Beavers has served on the school board for 12-years and his current term expires in November after the general election.

He is scheduled to serve his 12-month sentence at the Lauderdale County Detention Center.

The attorney representing Beavers said he plans to petition the court to reconsider the imposed sentence because it is “Excessive”.