Kids to Love: Jeff

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Jeff is 15 and just finished the 9th grade.

We talked to him right before he got out for the summer.

“At a private school cause I’m at a residential facility and we just do work in 4 classes & the rest of the day we get to play on kindles.” Jeff said.

An easy schedule makes for an easier transition for Jeff.

“This year, this is my……4th school this year alone.” Jeff said.

For Jeff, foster care is a transient lifestyle he knows all too well.

“How long have you been in foster care?” Lee asks.

“Since I was 3.” Jeff answers.

12 years in foster care, with the only norm being constant change.

“Is it hard every time you move?” Lee asks.

“Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not… just depends.” Jeff answers.

Jeff needs a family.

“One that interacts with you, there’s a mom and dad and there’s other kids my age, other boys my age actually.” Jeff says.