God’s Feral Felines Working to Reduce Feral Cat Population

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Humane Society estimates the number of feral cats in the U.S. to be around 50 million. One group is tackling the issue head on in cities across Marshall County.

We received a nomination about Pam Keck, the founder of God’s Feral Felines.

David Currey wrote, “Pam Keck and her volunteers are trapping feral cats and local vets are spaying and neutering them and giving them rabies vaccinations. Then, they are returned to where they were trapped. Please Pay it Forward to Mrs. Keck. She deserves all the help she can get.”

WHNT NEWS 19 surprised Keck at Spring Creek Animal Clinic, which is one of the vet offices that she partners with in Guntersville.

“Oh my heaven!” Keck shouted after receiving $319. “That’s fabulous.”

Keck started God’s Feral Felines in October of 2013. Since then, Keck and her volunteers have been busy.

“Right now, we’re up to 95,” said Keck.

Ninety-five trapped feral cats and counting. They bring the cats to veterinarians that spay and neuter the cats at a discounted price. The group has partnerships with several vet offices in Marshall County.

“I’m excited about 95, but I wish it was more,” said Keck.

They could do more, with extra hands.

“Right now, it’s just two of us doing the trapping,” explained Keck. “We’re trying to get some volunteers that would be willing to trap some of the areas like Albertville and Boaz.”

More donations would help too.

“We want people to know when they’re donating to us, that money is going to the cats.”

Keck says the $319 is enough money to cover the cost of neutering seven male cats. They really target male feral cats because that cuts down on the amount of litters.


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