Getting Results: Limestone Cleaning Up Illegal Dump Site

ELKMONT, Ala. (WHNT) – Taking action and getting results and tonight, important results for a Limestone County viewer who contacted us asking for help with an illegal dump site that was burning and making his family ill. Limestone County officials started cleaning up the site on Leggtown Road on Monday. The state declared the site a potential health hazard after some residents complained smoke from the site was making them sick. Now, it’s all being hauled to a legal dumpsite in neighboring Morgan County.

When we visited the dump site Monday, county workers were busy keeping the debris watered down to prevent dust from blowing from the trash site. A barrier has been installed to prevent run-off into Shoal Creek, which is just a few feet away. Cattle on the property were seen drinking from the creek just downstream of the trash site.

Signs have been erected on the bridge over the creek on Leggtown Road warning that neither the state nor the county had tested the material for asbestos. However Limestone County Commission Chairman Stanley Menefee told us last week it was just construction debris. “All the debris, I don’t think there was any asbestos in that up there, or it didn’t show, that I saw that. So, uh, but it was mainly brick and blocks and just building materials,” Menefee told WHNT News 19.

While we were at the site, four county dump trucks arrived to be reloaded with debris. They’re taking it to the Morgan County Regional Landfill on Highway 20 between Decatur and Trinity. Menefee says he expects the site to be cleaned up by the end of the week.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management ordered the clean-up saying the site constituted a health hazard. The debris came from an old grocery store and shopping center the county bought and tore down.


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