Marshall County family’s pet found shot at their home

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Marshall County family is asking for answers after they found their son’s pet miniature horse shot.

Hadley and Briar Hudgins’ grandfather got them a miniature horse and a pony. The animals stay out in the pasture in front of the Hudgins’ Marshall County home on Piney Grove Road.

Photo: Hudgins family

Photo: Hudgins family

But, something happened Briar’s miniature horse that dad Jason Hudgins says was hard to explain to his small children.

“She was down there in the woods with two bullet holes right here, like you were shooting the vitals of a deer, and she wasn’t dead, so that’s the bad part, so I don’t know how long she suffered,” Hudgins says.

Hudgins says he had to do something he regrets, but says was necessary. “So I had to walk down there with my gun with my three-year-old son asking me ‘Daddy, why do you have your gun, why did you shoot my horse?’ because she wasn’t going to live, she was suffering, so I had to put her down,” Hudgins says.

He says he had to explain to his kids what happened to their pet. Hudgins says he’s hoping it was an accident.

“Probably just stopped because it was the same color as a deer, probably just stopped, stuck a gun out the window shot it twice and it ran down here and that’s as far it could make it,” Hudgins says.

Regardless of whether it was an accident or not, Hudgins says he still wants to find the person responsible.

“Find out who done it and why, and let them explain to my three-year-old son why I had to shoot his horse,” Hudgins says.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this situation. You’re asked to call them at 256 – 582-2034 ┬áif you know anything about this case.


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