Huntsville Police respond to accidental fireworks injury

Fireworks Safety

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville police officers responded to an injury due to fireworks Saturday night.

When they arrived to the Mapco on University Drive and Memorial Parkway, they found 54-year-old Ronnie Fletcher with a severe injury to his hand. Fletcher’s son told officers the two were shooing fireworks and drinking when one of the fireworks malfunctioned.

They said the man was trying to shoot an “artillery shell”, holding the tube in his hand, when it exploded.

Emergency crews transported Fletcher to Huntsville Hospital to stabilize his life threatening injuries. Crews then transported him to UAB Hospital in Birmingham for further treatment.

The investigation is pending.

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  • nuclear mike

    Alcohol & “fire”arms, especially a black powder mortar tube loaded with a full charge & aerial bomb, do not mix and he is lucky to not have been killed…black powder is a real explosive!!!

  • Bo

    Being how fireworks are illegal inside City Limits… this guy was breaking the law. No sympathy here…

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