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One wounded from shooting at gas station on Winchester Road

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A man was wounded after being shot following an altercation at a gas station on Winchester Road.

Police say two men at the Valero gas station on Winchester Road and Blue Springs Road got into a fight at the gas pumps.

One man pulled a gun and shot the other, according to police. The man who was shot was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


  • karma comes around

    Yes another shooting but it seems funny to me that you had no smart remark about the fight that made headlines in huntsville where two people where cut/stabbed you are going to have to realize that people are going to continue to do stupid things and hurt each other until the punishment is raised to a more harsh level even if you could take everyones guns away then people wil turn to using knifes so take them away whats next I guess people will start beating each other to death with sticks the problem is not what the people use its the people and the punishment not being harsh enough

    • Say What

      Which is more lethal — guns or knives? I hope people do turn to other things. They are all less lethal compared to guns!

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