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Music professor helps singers avoid ‘Star Spangled” fail

(CBS) - A music professor in California is on a mission. He's out to save the Star Spangled Banner, and us, from the song being performed badly.

Michael Dean works with a number of singers to help them learn how to sing the song correctly, and where to accentuate. Put more simply, he's out to save singers' egos and our ears.

"The worst part is those performances are bad for everyone, they're bad for the singer and they are horrendous for the listeners," said Dean.

Dean is UCLA's Music Department Chairman.  Scores of pop stars -- a list so exclusive it's kept secret - have come to him to prep for their national anthem performances and avoid humiliation by learning not only the technique of the song, but its meaning.

And sadly, it seems these days, the anticipation of a bad anthem is now the norm.

"A lot of people have told me when they listen to the national anthem and it goes reasonably well, the only feeling that they feel is relief, they don't actually feel moved, or changed, or inspired, just feel relief that it wasn't awful," said Dean.

Cringe-worthy moments Dean is working to avoid, one note at a time.

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