Medical Association of the State of Alabama asks physicians to sign up for Veterans’ Outreach Registry


(WHNT) – The Medical Association of the State of Alabama (MASA) has created the Veterans’ Outreach Registry, comprised of private physicians prepared to help veterans across Alabama get care, as VA facilities face months-long backlogs.

MASA announced the initiative this week, and is hoping physicians will be quick to sign up.

The medical association is going to share the registry with VA administrators, as well as statewide veterans aid groups.

Melissa Behringer, Speaker of the House for MASA, says this is an emergency situation.

“We don`t want to have another veteran who dies because they couldn`t access care,” said Behringer. “There is a fair amount of just professional obligation to take care of those people who’ve defended us and defended our freedom.”

Physicians wishing to be placed on the Veterans’ Outreach Registry can email or call (800) 239-6272.


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